Cleaning For Health

Clean and Healthy environments starting with your carpets and floors

Legendary Carpet Care+ is a certified "Cleaning for Health" carpet cleaning service provider.

The National Institute of Professional Carpet Cleaners (NIOPCC) “Cleaning for Health” is a unique certification that sets Quintin Riley and the team at Legendary Carpet Care+ apart from their competitors. Quintin passed the “Cleaning for Health” exam that covered the chemistry of carpet cleaning products including proper sanitization, disinfectants, and biocides. Further, the certification ensures the Legendary team knows how to properly remove moisture, eliminate bacteria, and remove smell from flooring, carpet and upholstery to minimize dirt and contaminants.

“I am proud to tell my customers that their carpet is not just clean but that their floors and environment are healthy,” states Quintin Riley, Owner of Legendary Carpet Care+. “Knowing the correct chemistry for cleaning, using ‘green’ products, and having the proper equipment to remove dirt and residue gives me the confidence that I’m providing the best quality carpet and upholstery cleaning in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.”

NIOPCC utilizes proprietary carpet cleaning products exclusive to professional carpet cleaners. In addition, Quintin’s cleaning equipment allows for a higher cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) and lift which removes more moisture and provides a faster dry time.

Schedule your carpet, flooring or furniture cleaning appointment now and be assured your environment is not just clean but healthy!